Mount Rinjani Trekking Information

Rinjani Family Trekking is a professional operator providing friendly service and unforgettable Rinjani trekking experiences. We offer guided tours to the crater of Mount Rinjani, Lombok’s famous active volcano, and other treks within the spectacular Mount Rinjani National Park.

Your local Rinjani trekking operator

Rinjani Family Trekking guides and porters operate under the guidance of West Nusa Tenggara Province Tourism Department, East Lombok Tourism Department, Rinjani Trek Management Board, NZODA, NZAID, HPI (Indonesian Guide Association), Cooperative, Rinjani Information Center and other stakeholders.

mount rinjani trekking

In other words, we are locals and we operate to the highest standards, ensuring exceptional service and local insights into the National Park and its people. Mount Rinjani and its surrounds was established as Gunung Rinjani National Park in 1997 and has received numerous awards at an international level.

Rinjani Family Trekking

Armasih, one of the senior guides, along with his family members, porters and other stakeholders created Rinjani Family Trekking, in conjunction with Rinjani Family Homestay, as a sustainable business that supports the local community.

The mission behind this indigenous tourism operation is to protect Mount Rinjani, keeping the surrounding area clean, natural and safe for people around the globe to enjoy.

Our Vision

Establishing and increasing trekking activity, involving local people in order to directly benefit the economy, maintaining Mount Rinjani under the principles of eco-tourism and sustainability, and to promote local wisdom.

Our Mission

To be involved in tourism activity, to act professionally and as friends of the National Park, to maintain the sacred nature of the park and convey it as a holy place and one of special inheritance. To never stop learning and working to provide excellent service and improve the experience we can offer.

Rinjani Family Trekking is located within Rinjani National Park at Sembalun, East Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara Province, Indonesia. See the blue arrow in this google map.

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